Always Give Emotional Value

One of the biggest keys to mastering text game is understanding the concept of "emotional value".

Emotional value is any kind of positive stimulation that the other person feels from you in the moment. These are some of the kinds of emotional value that the other person can receive from your texts:

  • Smiling or laughing at your humor
  • Pride from receiving a compliment from you
  • Feeling entertained and challenged by your teasing
  • Excitement from gossiping with you
  • Feeling an “aha” moment from reading an interesting fact or insight in your message
  • Getting sucked into a good story you’re telling
  • Feeling that you care for them
  • Also, if you’ve already established some attraction and/or rapport, they’ll get emotional value from texting you and getting your reactions. That’s why the well-known dating advice to “get ’em talking” will usually work for your text game.

If you don’t give your texting partner enough emotional value, they’ll lose interest in the conversation. Conversely, if you’re texting someone who seems to have plenty of interest in the conversation, then you must be giving them a steady supply of some kind of emotional value.

It pays to understand the concept of emotional value because it plays a central role in our lives – not just in texting, but in all of dating, and in many other areas of human interaction too.


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