Avoid Fearing Your Perfect Love

Many of us are dreamers when it comes to love.

We dream of the perfect partner, who will have a beautiful connection with us, who will know our every thought and treat us exactly how we hope.

The fear of what-if-it-ends is real. However, after stumbling into this new exercise your perspective may change.

If you have found this person, or not, I’m sure this dreaded thought has popped into mind before: What if it ends? What if that dream, that relationship you wanted so bad, doesn’t work out or never comes.

What if the person leaves?

What if they don’t want to get back together?

What if you never find them?…Or never will?

The mere thought of losing that dream-like relationship you have most likely fills you with hurt, sadness, anxiety, dread, or any other emotion associated with losing something near and dear to your heart.

The fear of what-if-it-ends is real. However, after stumbling into this new exercise your perspective may change.

The point of this exercise is to picture yourself in your ideal situation, and then see it ending. Imagine your perfect partner leaving, breaking things off, saying they don’t feel the same way anymore and want out. How does that feel?

Allow yourself to experience the dream being shattered and the emotions it conjures up.

The key to working through this exercise is to allow yourself to experience that emptiness of losing something you had, but only as pretend. That way you can live it and love it without feeling the dread of it ending.


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It isn't negative, because you aren’t allowing your thought process to tell you that will be the end result. You still hope for the result you want with peace, calmness, and with a positive outlook, but always remembering that if it were to end, you can still be happy:

  • You would still be safe

  • Still laugh at the movies

  • Still feel passion for your hobbies

  • Still have a chance to be happy with someone

You can have the dream and not feel helpless to it. And practice this exercise to help you realize it’s your choice to embrace it with confidence and without fear.