Cuffing Season And What You Should Know About It

Beginning as a phrase that popped up in the early twenty-teens and rose to popularity in 2013 with rapper Fabolous’s track bearing the same name, “Cuffin' Season” is a phenomenon. It refers to the increase in people trying to have a partner or romantic relationship in the fall or winter months.

Being aware of the 'cuffing season mentality' is important for you as a savvy single because you might or might not be in the mood to settle down this season

The reasoning behind this urge is summarized as a desire to have someone to ‘take home for the holidays’ or to ‘keep warm’ in the colder months. The term ‘cuff’ refers to being tied down by a committed, exclusive relationship, unlike its older, less trendy alternative phrase: ‘ball and chain’.

Being aware of the cuffing season mentality is important for you as a savvy single because you might or might not be in the mood to settle down this season - and if your ‘cuffed’ match has a different goal in mind, you run the risk of an uncomfortable conversation, or worse, a dramatic breakup.

Being aware dating trends like these can help you stay on top of your game and maximise your chances for a ‘win’ in the way you want.

During cuffing season, you might receive a text, tweet, or snap from someone who has been distant, disinterested, or even flaky in the past.

Why? Some suggest that because the drive to be cuffed is higher during these months, the standards for a partner drop lower, and prolonged indoor activity can increase feelings of loneliness, which can make your old matches reconsider messages that were previously left on ‘read’.

However, if you’re reading this and you’ve thought to yourself:

A committed, exclusive relationship actually doesn’t sound all that bad right now…

You’re in luck!

Cuffing season might work to your advantage, with many young singles on the lookout for a potential partner that can stand by their side well into the new year.

How to do cuffing season without being a jerk

No matter what your goal is for this cuffing season, there are definitely right ways and wrong ways to achieve it. We’ll break things down based on whether you’re looking for your partner in crime for the next few months, or if you’re content riding solo.

If your goal is to find a relationship that lasts past the holidays:

  1. Get yourself out there! Be social and attend events that are related to your hobbies or interests.

  2. Be honest about what you’re looking for. When you make a connection, have a conversation early on about what you’re hoping to get from your next relationship. This clears the air and minimises the risk of misunderstandings.

  3. Pace yourself. Just because lots of people might be looking to start a relationship, it doesn’t mean that they’re all going to be good for you. Remember your goals and expectations for relationships, and don’t compromise on the important things.

  4. Take time to get to know your matches- no, really. Make some private time to talk about your partner’s goals, dreams, ambitions, and history. In the rapid pace of holiday plans, it’s easy to forget to do the foundational work that will help your relationship survive the season- make this a priority.

If your goal is to bring in the new year ‘uncuffed’

  1. Make it known that you are not looking for a serious commitment. Open, honest, upfront communication is key in making sure no one’s feelings are hurt.

  2. Bring a friend to parties or events to keep you accountable. If you have a tendency to go off and mingle, ask a friend to tag along and keep you from getting into trouble.

  3. Find things that cure your boredom. If you’ve got a ton of free time on your hands, look up hobbies or classes that you can do this holiday season - or check some volunteer work off of your list. Spend time with friends or family, or devote yourself to a new project.

  4. Wait until cuffing season is over - this one is a hard one to endure but will cause less shock and disappointment for your partner.