Dating In The Coronavirus Era?

The bars and restaurants are empty, the activity level on dating websites and apps is at an all-time low. The increasing concern among many singles right now, is how or even IF they should be dating during this global pandemic.

Globally, we are seeing people being quarantined and travel bans across the world. Every news channel is covering the increasing spread of COVID-19. This is cultivating a lot of fear across the world. People are scared to meet new people and the options to even be planning dates are extremely limited with the regular ‘go-to’ date ideas now being closed or advised against due to an increased risk of spreading infection.

Dating has always been known to have seasons- times of the year when we see new singles hit the scene (Spring) and cuffing season, that time when we see singles couple up and hibernate together for the winter. With the rise in fear and quarantine recommendations due to COVID-19, we are once again seeing singles couple up- but with their ex’s!

In moments of fear, we crave familiarity, and within a global pandemic, we are isolating ourselves in our homes and not thinking about the usual distractions. The reasons the breakup occurred are no longer at the forefront of many of these couple’s minds. People are seeking stability. Security is something we have all taken for granted, and now that public health is no longer secure, we are finding that stability elsewhere - in our relationships. How we live day-to-day is changing. It’s not surprising that people are desiring connection.

Reconnecting with an ex feels much safer to many than the risks of meeting someone new. People reach out to their ex’s all the time when they find themselves in distress or coping with a tragedy. It is an attempt to soothe, and to combat the loneliness by reconnecting. Reaching out to an ex feels both urgent and like it’s the ‘right thing to do’. After all, you should check in on them, right?!? All the once so clear reasons for dysfunction that caused the breakup, go out of the door!

For some couples, this reconnection will be wonderful. If both have taken the time to heal the dysfunction that caused the breakup, then coupling up during the pandemic and bingeing on Netflix together can lead to a sustainable, and happy reunion.

Big catastrophes, like a global pandemic, can make you look at your life goals and priorities. Getting back with an ex can allow you to feel secure and create a little certainty in life. People are seeking comfort in the familiar.

Are you thinking of texting your ex but not sure what to say or if you will have a positive outcome?

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