Let’s Make The Best Of This

For a change, no one is facing isolation alone.

I know times are feeling tough. I am aware, there might be moments you feel like a prisoner of a choice you did not make.

I know how frustrated you might be feeling, life doesn’t seem as “normal” as it is defined in your mind.

We couldn’t have imagined that we will be experiencing a time like this in our generation.

It’s all so unexpected and feels so illusory.


Isn't there a positive outcome to this pause in our lives?

Weren’t you looking for a long-awaited break from the routine hustle-bustle of life?

Were you not longing for time to reflect and enjoy what you have, not what you're chasing after?

Or to be able to spend more time with your kids and watch them grow – play and create memories?

Or spend quality time with family and friends – hours having fun together, talking and taking real interest in their lives?

Or to just have the luxury to sit by your windowpane for endless hours, sipping your tea/coffee, not having to worry about anything, just lost cherishing some old memories or music?

Have you not been postponing the meetings with your inner demons? Give them a good piece of your mind, processing them instead of pushing them down?

Or to just confront your fears and own them – then overcome them?

I know I have.

I've realized that this time doesn’t seem to be an ideal space for many of the above mentions and not how we wanted it to happen.

But, for many of us, this is the first opportunity to spend this much time with ourselves.

With our inner voice, our happiness, our scars, our strengths, our pain, our drives, our dreams…. every little part of us.

No one could have imagined that there would be a time like this, but here it is.

So, let’s make the best of it!

Smile more, watch more, sleep more, play more, sing more, dance more, talk more, stay more silent, dream more peacefully, cry more cathartically, breathe more serenely….

Meet yourself again.

The you who has been awaiting this break.

The you who gave up hope on ever being visited, in the innermost isolated place of fears and abandonment.

I know it’s not easy to look within, but I promise you – once you are in – the ride and the journey will be worth it!

There might be tears along the way, unleashed and amplified pain, unknown joys and relief, but you will come out being a better version of yourself!

It might take some time to process, but that is okay!

So, Take the Initiative….

Chat with your parents, call your long lost friends, hug your kids more often, play with them like you are a child as well, sleep like a baby, wake up early to watch the sunrise, listen to the morning music, notice the calmness and silence of the night, create more memories, seam with your inner truth, and most importantly – reconnect with and befriend yourself.

Because this time – as we all can hopefully assume – is not coming back any soon!

We are all witnessing, as well as living, what will be a chapter in the history of mankind!

So this phase will be remembered by each one of us!

We will have no excuse to not have taken a shot at catching up on life and living holistically!

To not have corrected our mistakes, made new ventures and blown life into things that were never supposed to be dead.

We will be telling stories of our experiences to the coming generations.

Let’s make sure we have interesting and inspiring stories to share.