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Relationship Hero stands as the leading authority in the realm of relationship and dating coaching, being the largest coaching company in the industry worldwide. With a formidable track record of serving over 100,000 clients, we boast a substantial roster of around 100 coaches, ensuring a breadth of expertise and the ability to provide personalized coaching tailored to an array of relationship dynamics.

In this post, we will cover the various independent reviews and thousands of client testimonials that identify Relationship Hero as the #1 highest-rated coaching company in the world.


Relationship Hero

4.9 Rating over 100,000+ reviews

RH reviews

At Relationship Hero, we pride ourselves on the positive impact we've made, which is vividly reflected in the extensive collection of favorable reviews left by our clients directly on our website. These testimonials, numbering in the thousands, are a testament to the successful and transformative experiences that our customers have encountered through our services.


4.9 Rating over ~1700 reviews

TP Reviews

Trustpilot is an online review platform that provides a space for customers to write and share reviews about their experiences with businesses and services. It's widely recognized for its user-generated reviews, offering consumers insights into the quality, service, and reliability of companies.

The platform operates with transparency and encourages authentic feedback. Businesses cannot pay to alter or remove reviews, ensuring that the opinions shared are honest and reflective of genuine customer experiences. Trustpilot is often used by consumers to inform their decisions about where to purchase products or services, as it provides a comprehensive view of a company's reputation from the viewpoint of those who have interacted with it.

In essence, Trustpilot serves as a bridge between consumers and businesses, fostering trust and promoting informed decision-making based on shared customer experiences.


4.8 Rating over ~500 reviews

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Facebook reviews, now known as recommendations, allow users to share their experiences with a business on its Facebook Page. Customers can either recommend or not recommend the business and include detailed narratives, photos, and videos in their feedback.

These reviews are public and can influence a business's reputation since they're visible to anyone visiting the page and can also appear in news feeds, reaching a broader audience. Businesses can respond to these reviews, making them a critical part of their online customer relationship management.



Hack Spirit offers a wide range of articles focused on practical and accessible advice across various life domains. It features a robust section on relationship advice, providing tips and insights on fostering deeper connections and recognizing unhealthy relationship patterns​​. The website also delves into self-improvement, with articles designed to help individuals adopt successful habits and improve self-awareness​​. Readers interested in philosophical perspectives can explore teachings from Eastern philosophy for life harmony and balance, as well as insights from Western philosophy for finding meaning in life​​. Hack Spirit also promotes mindful living, encouraging habits that leave a lasting impression and contentment​​, and self-love, with articles on embracing solitude and overcoming past influences​​.

Hackspirit verdict

In their review, they attest to its legitimacy and quality, noting its practical and actionable guidance. They also emphasize the ease of access and 24/7 availability along with the flexible pricing options.

Brides is a comprehensive wedding resource providing inspiration, advice, and guidance for couples planning their wedding. It covers a wide range of topics from wedding dresses, decor, and venues to relationship advice, and it often features real wedding stories, trends in the wedding industry, and expert opinions to assist couples in their wedding planning journey. verdict

In their review of the most popular online marriage counseling programs, they rated Relationship Hero as the "Best Overall" after extensive research including interviewing some of the top experts in the field of psychology, specifically licensed marriage and family therapists. They also inquired about the most desired qualities in a counseling service, the offerings that were most suitable for a couple during a particular phase of their relationship, and looked at factors including affordability and price.

The Adult Man is a practical guide to men's fashion and lifestyle, which has been helping men navigate adulthood since 2016​​. It positions itself as a straightforward, no-nonsense resource for adult men, offering advice and insights into various aspects of life and style​​.

Adult Man Review Verdict

In their review, they remark on how effective the coaching is and how well the platform facilitates it. They also compare Relationship Hero with other similar platforms and how Relationship Hero is the best choice for a lot of people.

BetterHelp is the biggest online counseling service that offers professional therapy with licensed therapists via messaging, live chat, phone, and video for issues like depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. It matches users with therapists based on a questionnaire, emphasizes confidentiality, and operates on a subscription basis, providing a flexible and accessible alternative to traditional in-person therapy.

BetterHelp Review Conclusion

In their review, they conclude that Relationship Hero offers valuable coaching for various relationship coaches, with many coaches ready to address concerns from break-ups to marital challenges, and has aided thousands in navigating complex relationship dynamics. They also stress that relationship coaching is not a substitute for therapy when dealing with mental health issues.

Tiamly is a platform dedicated to offering transformative guidance for those navigating the complexities of relationships and online dating. It serves as a resource for individuals either stepping into online dating for the first time or looking to enhance existing relationships, aiming to teach the art of meaningful connections in the digital era​​.

Tiamly Review Verdict

In their review, they describe Relationship Hero as a standout in the crowded relationship advice market, offering personalized coaching tailored to the nuances of modern dating and long-term relationships. They praise Relationship Hero for its professional, action-oriented service and user-friendly platform, with the convenience of 24/7 availability and various communication options.

They also commend the in-depth approach to understanding client needs, flexible pricing, and commitment to fostering self-awareness and personal growth. The author endorses Relationship Hero as a valuable resource for anyone looking for practical, customized advice to improve their relationship dynamics.

Her Norm is a comprehensive platform launched in 2015 to empower women by providing research-backed content to improve their relationships. Their mission is to offer valuable, accessible content tailored to women's varied experiences and challenges in relationships. The site covers a broad spectrum of relationship topics, including dating advice, strategies to enhance romantic relationships, and ways to navigate breakups and infidelity.

Her Norm Verdict

In their review, they determined that Relationship Hero is one of the best relationship coaching services in the world and highly recommend it.

Dating Perfect

DatingPerfect is a comprehensive resource designed to help individuals navigate the complex world of online dating. It offers a platform to discover, compare, and review thousands of dating sites and services, aiming to make the dating process simpler and safer. Users can utilize filters to find a dating niche that aligns with their preferences, and then explore detailed reviews of various dating sites and apps within that niche​​. The service is grounded in the understanding of the difficulties of online dating and provides tools and resources to make dating more accessible and less daunting​​.

Dating Perfect Verdict

In their review, they outline Relationship Hero as a service offering experienced dating coaches to assist with a range of dating and relationship issues. They remark how effective Relationship Hero coaching is and the flexibility of its pricing options.

We should add that since the date of this review, the pricing has become even more flexible, with different coaches offering rates anywhere between $100/hr to $350/hr.

Relief Seeker has been a resource since 2019, offering information on online healthcare providers and treatments. It does not provide medical advice but rather reviews and publishes details to help people choose appropriate online healthcare services. The site also offers insight into the regulatory aspects of online healthcare in America, aiming to keep readers informed about healthcare advancements and innovations.

Relief Seeker Verdict

In their review, they commend Relationship Hero for its qualified coaching team and 24/7 availability, user-friendly platform, as well pricing flexibility. They also stress that relationship coaching is not a substitute for therapy if you need help with mental health issues.

Therapy Reviews aims to make therapy more accessible by offering reviews and comparisons of online therapy and counseling services. Recognizing the importance of emotional health in overall happiness, the site provides information to help users improve mental well-being. It guides users through various online therapy platforms, detailing their strengths and weaknesses, and offers advice on choosing the right service for individual needs.

Therapy Reviews verdict

In their review, they commend Relationship Hero for the quality of the coaching, ease of access 24/7, flexible pricing, and the robust and simple sign-up process.

E-Counseling is a comprehensive online resource that provides guidance on improving mental health, relationships, and overall well-being through professional therapy. The platform offers connections to both online and in-person counseling services, complemented by an array of informative content, including guides, how-to articles, and general counseling information. Emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making, ensures that the information provided is reliable and credible, curated by experts with significant credentials in the mental health field.

E-counseling verdict

In their review, they commend Relationship Hero for the practical advice, payment plans and price flexibility, as well as ease of access.


Relationship Hero stands as the leading authority in the realm of relationship and dating coaching, being the largest coaching company in the industry worldwide. With a formidable track record of serving over 100,000 clients, we boast a substantial roster of around 100 coaches, ensuring a breadth of expertise and the ability to provide personalized coaching tailored to an array of relationship dynamics.

Relationship Hero has also garnered an unparalleled reputation for quality and effectiveness, as evidenced by our status as the highest-rated and most-reviewed coaching platform globally. Thousands of client testimonials substantiate this across various platforms such as Trustpilot (TP), Facebook (FB), and the Relationship Hero website itself. Each review reflects the impactful experiences and successful outcomes facilitated by their coaching services.

Moreover, the commendations for Relationship Hero are not limited to its clientele. Numerous independent websites have also provided favorable evaluations. These independent reviews corroborate the client feedback, lauding Relationship Hero for our team of competent coaches who excel at addressing a spectrum of relationship issues, encompassing romantic, family, friendship, and workplace relationships.

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Relationship Hero

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