What Does Your Body Language Say To Your Date?

Do you sometimes get told you seem uninterested, or your dates get a “vibe” from you? Your body language could be saying a lot to your date. Whether intentional or not, our body language reveals to those around us a very telling story- and it’s not always pretty. Let’s change that narrative. Here are some great body language tips to try out on your next date.


Posture goes deeper than simply sitting up straight. When you walk into a room, walk with confidence- shoulders back and chin up. Stand tall and be proud of yourself.

Facial Expressions

A sour face instantly signals that you don’t want to be there. Be aware of your resting face, and remember to smile sweetly from time to time (as to not over do it). This will show your date you are open and want to talk.


Use an appropriate volume. You wouldn’t want to shout “Hey, you look nice!”, but rather use a calmer tone. On the flip side, your date shouldn’t struggle to make out what you’re saying. Be aware of your volume, and speak to your date the way you would a friend.


Your eyes are the window to your soul. Constantly wondering around and avoiding eye contact tells your date you aren’t interested. Looking your date in the eye makes them feel you are present and engaged.


Be mindful of everyone’s personal space. Invading this space can create uncomfortableness and anxiety for your date. On the flip side, you don’t want an ocean of distance between you. A good rule of thumb is to stay within arm’s length and follow their lead.

Try these out on your next date! The slightest change in body language can make a great difference.


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