Why Guys Online Can't "Skip the Games"

By Lior

Guys online often dream of "skipping the games". They'll see a girl's picture on a dating app and want to go straight to setting up a time and place to grab coffee or drinks. Any chit-chat between matching and meeting feels pointless to them.

If you're a straight guy, here's a thought experiment to help you empathize with why "skipping the games" won't work: Imagine meeting a girl for coffee without first seeing her picture.

Most guys think it's a waste of time to meet a girl who they don't find physically attractive. Guess what? Most girls feel the same way about meeting a guy without first feeling some attraction to his personality.

We made a graph to show the asymmetry of the situation:

We teach how to have an attractive personality in your texts. But before you can master text-courtship skills, you have to understand why any of this is even necessary – why girls you meet online aren’t ready to “skip the games” and have coffee with you right away.