Got the teasing down, but still missing key elements

Relationship Coach's Analysis

Here's why she didn't respond: Because you kept requiring her to give you conversational value without giving her enough of it.

For example, your last question isn't fun to respond to because it takes work to think of a specific response and keep up her end of the conversation, but she doesn't know that you're an attractive enough person to deserve the investment of effort of a good response.

She doesn't want to make a one-word lazy response either, because she'll feel guilty about killing the conversation or being mean. Also, you've been teasing her pretty harshly without expressing much interest, so she doesn't expect much ego-boosting value from you either.

You put in a good effort trying to always say something entertaining and not cliche, but what you're missing are tactics to make your messages easy and fun to respond to, like specificity and conversational leading.

Submitted by PlumDoll