He invites her to meet up, she completely changes the subject

Relationship Coach's Analysis

She ignored your invite but still responded positively. There could be several reasons why:

  • She sees you as just a friend and doesn't want to awkwardly reject your invite.
  • She doesn't want to meet up in a date context, but still wants a platonic relationship.
  • She can't meet up tomorrow (the only option you gave her) and doesn't want to initiate a conversation about rescheduling.
  • She wants to continue talking about the exciting music topic you brought up before.
  • She's interested in you, but isn't ready to meet up yet

I'm guessing she avoided your invite because you didn't give her enough options of when to meet up and you made the invite before you created enough interest to meet.

In your situation, I'd recommend responding with a playful message referencing the topic she brought up. If she responds positively to that, then you can invite her again. This time with a more playful vibe and with more time options.

Submitted by RoboticFish