Interview-style conversation suffocating the positive energy

Relationship Coach's Analysis

I'm seeing a repeating pattern here:

  • Answers questions using the minimal amount of words that doesn't really give the girl what she is asking
  • Answers things in a way that shuts down the conversation by not leaving easy things to comment on or a question
  • Lot of insecure / self-deprecating statements
  • Lot of value-taking questions where you expect her to fill in all the value and don't provide interesting things yourself.
  • Stay in chit-chat without really leading the conversation, then drop invite for coffee out of the blue.

I think if you worked on keeping the flow going, killing the insecurity, focused on leading the conversation out of small-talk, and open up with your answers so she actually get a view of what's going on inside your head, then you'll have way more success.

Submitted by sonofdavid