Less small-talk would've saved time

Relationship Coach's Analysis

In your opener, you mention you're new at Tinder. If that's true, it explains my biggest issue with this conversation. You engaged in too much small-talk.

People who are social in person who start online dating tend to engage in too much small-talk. It involves asking questions that are deemed socially-acceptable when meeting someone new. The problem is that everyone is prepared with a socially-acceptable answer to these questions, which means it won't reveal much about their personality, just some "safe" facts about their lives. Small-talk is more of an in-person protocol for verifying each other's sanity than a way to get to know one another.

Your chat was in 2013 so there were a lot of new Tinder users. Nowadays, if you start small-talking, you'd lose interest quickly. In your case, it just wasted your time.

Submitted by Stu