Shared love of puzzles was almost enough to land a date, but not quite


I wanted this opening conversation to lead to a first date

Relationship Coach's Analysis

You were lucky she brought up puzzles as a common interest. You had that going for you, plus your looks and your type… and that's it. The conversation rushed through the normal stages of "fun teasing" and "qualification", achieving a tenuous date acceptance.

After that, you needed to bring the A game with logistics, but instead you made the common mistake of going silent and then picking up the logistics where you thought they were left off. This is sufficient to explain why she didn't respond.

Your mistake isn't necessarily a fatal one. Now that another week has gone by, your next step can be to just hit reset on this conversation and start over with chatting:

Hope you've had a good week. What do you do for work btw?

Submitted by WaveLuxury