Messed up by acting beta


We argued and broke up about 2 weeks ago. She contacted me before Christmas saying she is doing great now. I tried getting her back with texts and showing up at her place twice ? She said we should move on. She did say she loved me the first time, but she already moved on. Then she messaged me happy nye and said “ miss you “ I thought that was a sign and went to see her again. She denied me again and said she will no longer see me and blocked me off everything. I also wrote some emails saying how hurt I was, pretty much very beta stuff lol. Do I have any hope still?
Yes actually, there is hope. Its great you recognize the "beta" stuff. There are other variables you will end up working on durring the time off, the first being a greater clarity on the big picture of the relationship. Stay strong durring this transition, no more emails for the time being, the waters will clear and at that time you will have opportunity to respond from a more balanced place. It was nice meeting you today. Thanks for setting up your chatroom.