How do I get my ex back?


How do I get my ex back ??? I love him so much and Ik i was a bitch sometimes but I know what we hadn’t was real and I need him back , we just broke up 2 weeks ago. Any ideas ???? Literally help
Just a bit of background info first, how old are the two of you and for how long were you in a relationship together before the breakup? And can you give some examples on your behavior?
Were both 18 still in high school as seniors, and we would both fight a lot but not all the time and the times we were not fighting we’re some of the most amazing times in my life , I got really close to his family as well. He was my best friend especially in the beginning of the relationship. The only main problem was that he said I controlled him a little too much and got mad to easy for example the last fight that broke us up was because he wanted to smoke weed wih his friends and I don’t mind him doing it with me but I never liked when he did it with his friends .. it led to a very bad fight
Got it. There is some truth to "not sweating the small stuff" -- this means that if your relationship is good overall, then it means that you should let go of some of the lesser issues. Relationships are all about compromise. In hindsight, was your behavior worth it if it meant losing your boyfriend? If it something that absolutely bothers you and you can't let go of, then that's a larger conversation to have with your boyfriend. We can work with you further in an advice session, and here, we can work with you on a customized plan to better communicate your needs with your boyfriend for a stable and healthy relationship.
Right now I’m doing the no contact rule with him and seeing how that goes but I’m really struggling with depression and confusion if he’ll ever come back to me
I understand how confusing and sometimes scary the no contact period can be, but it's important to keep in mind that this is an opportunity to make changes and improvements in your life that will not only increase your chances of getting your ex back, but (most importantly) will improve your own happiness and mental well being. No one can know what will happen in the future, and no one can guarantee any specific outcome, but the positive changes you implement right now can really benefit you, both within the relationship and independently of it. Focusing too much of your energy on the 'what ifs' can not only have a negative impact on your mental state, but can also actually hinder your chances of getting your ex back. The biggest backslide we tend to see is when a client can't resist the urge to reach out to their ex during the no contact period, and it ends up driving their ex even further away. If you find yourself really struggling with the no contact period (either maintaining it, or dealing with the emotional aspect of it) in an advice session, one of our experts can help guide you through it.
Do you believe in the law of attraction method ?
Do you mean something along the lines of "When you decrease the supply, it increases the demand"? If so, then, in general, yes. Usually, taking a step back will encourage your ex to take a step forward. Every situation is different, so implementing that rule can look different, but that is a basic idea we support.
I mean like the more positive thougts about them, the more they want you like a physcological thing
Manifestation is great.... :) Though, Erica is on point here. You can have affirmations all day long, but you will get no where if you do not take action. So the action here would be making your self the priority right now. Getting your mind in balance and recognizing where you are emotionally responding. We can give you tips on self reflection and balance in one of our advice sessions.
Yes so u think I should be working on myself while manifesting? And do u think manifesting works
Manifestation works best when you can get into the right head space and increase that self-awareness. It's important to take care of yourself first and foremost.
Okay how do i get him back
I think you got some excellent general advice from all of our experts above. The best way to attract him back to you would be entering a no contact period, focusing on yourself, and then after a month or two reaching your ex in a light flirty and fun way. If you'd like to have some guidance on the specifics as you go through this process, feel free to come join us in an advice session.
The thing I don’t get is why he’s being mean & spreading rumors when he’s the one that left me
If you were broken up with for someone else, I would recommend taking a look at what happened in your relationship. If there were issues before the break up, then you can address those and see if there's anything that was unhealthy in the relationship that you can fix. However, if he broke up with you for another girl without a problem in the relationship, because he wanted the chase, or because you weren't willing to compromise your boundaries, you should probably think about moving on. You can only control your own behaviors and attitudes, so focus on those. And don't forget to take care of yourself, and remember that your worth is not defined by your relationship.