I’ve asked a girl out but I don’t know what the first date should be.


She told me she likes ice skating but I’m horrible at it and I don’t want the first date to be about me falling on my ass.
If I were you, I'd keep the first date pretty casual. I wouldn't go over the top and do so something that makes you super uncomfortable like ice skating, because ice-skating doesn't really give you much of a chance to get to know the girl, especially considering you probably won't enjoy doing it together. Try something a little more casual, and focus on having fun while getting to know the girl. There are tonnes of cheap date ideas that can make for an awesome experience for both of you. Check out this video for some pointers: [https://youtu.be/PQG6bqHT8IY](https://youtu.be/PQG6bqHT8IY)
Thanks, definitely check it out!