I want my husband back... We we are having financial problems. So I thought about working as a call girl to make some money to get me and my husband out of debt. I did not go through with it but placed an ad. Removed it almost immediately once I put it up. I told my husband because I felt I should be honest with him and i worked as an adult entertainer before him and got together, he has trust issues. He is now asking for a divorce I don't want to lose him... help
Hey there, I'm sorry to hear that your heart was in the right place, but it didn't pan out. If your husband has trust issues, I would suggest asking him about what you both can do to build trust. There's a lot of misconceptions and prejudice against people who work in the adult industry so it's important to be truthful about what you did, and remind him that he can trust you because of your actions both in the past and present. He may need some time to cool his head before you both sit down and have this conversation though.
He has asked for a divorce... And says he can never trust me again. How much time should i give him? Do you think this can be fixed?
We usually recommend at least 30 days of no contact. But in your case I think it would be better if you first tried to prove to your husband that you did not act as a call girl. You could offer to show him your phone and your email. If he doesn't want to see them yet, I'd wait about 2 weeks to let him calm down before you try again. It doesn't sound like the issue and your marriage was caused by you being too needy and begging him to get back with you, it sounds like it was a matter of trust. If you can show him any way that you did not break his trust, that may help resolve the issue.