Get my ex boyfriend back


I would like to get my ex boyfriend back and into my life we have been apart for just about 2and a half years and he did asked for time and I feel I gave that but now he is in a new relationship but the women lives in Mexico and which he promised that we were going to try and work on things and he promised that we would remain in contact but he instead blocked me which he knew what my fears were and he told me that would not happen what should I do?
I can imagine all of this is extremely painful for you, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing any of this. When the two of you originally broke up, was was the reasoning behind that? Was it something that was intended to be addressed so that way when the opportunity presented itself, you could build a thriving and healthy relationship? Were there aspects of self-improvement that you have been able to address at this point, do you feel like it's been beneficial? When you reached out to him, what was said that prompted the block? All of these questions will be extremely beneficial for me when helping determine your next course of action.
I have tried everything that I could and can to reachoyr but it seems not to work and it fails in front of me but I have been very destroyed and emotional from not being around him like I would like cause I have loved him so much and miss him and now he won't communicate with me cause of his new girlfriend which he told me would not jump into another relationship cause he loved me too much but still he should have not let her tell him nor to chat with me and I feel the more time everyday goes by the more I feel I will never get my promises and the shot that I deserve to be his girlfriend/peanut again thats the nickname he gave me cause I am a very short woman