I want her back


My ex broke up with me after I kept trying to put restrictions on her freedom and her dreams. I understand how wrong and selfish that was of me now. Moreover, she got into a much larger friends circle now which gave her the confidence to leave the relationship. I want her back; I've been reflecting on my actions but I'm scared that when I reconnect with her after 30days,I might be met with no answer or heavy resistance or even told she's seeing someone new. If so, how do I proceed from here?
You'll have to make tangible changes within yourself to address why you felt like you had to restrict her. It's not fair for her to be with someone who doesn't respect her autonomy, dreams and passions. Even if you know you were wrong, what are you doing about it to address the root issue? Once you can address that, and show behavioral changes, you can work up to rebuilding a relationship. It's not going to be easy because you can't just tell her you changed, you have to show her.