I want my ex back.


My ex bf and i broke up 2 months ago. I still want him back.. but his ignoring me for 1 month. And now his a bit reaponding to me because we need to deal with our separation about the house.. i just move out today. He just txting me whAts the situation?? That i need to update him. Because the house is his fathers house and lend to us. So he is just waiting for me to move out then he will comeback!! Is there any possibility that we will get back together?? For me its impossible because he really loves his ego!! But still wishing he will comeback..
There's always a chance he will want to resume the relationship again, though the way he is handling the housing situation, it doesn't seem likely. He is communicating with you only when it suits him, which shows where his priorities are. After a breakup, it's good to take some time apart, and it sounds like you already have (though maybe not by choice). Maybe dealing with the housing situation will give you a window of opportunity to normalize relations with him, or at least get the conversation flowing casually again. Then you can see if there's a chance for a new relationship to begin.
His txting beCause he wants an update. So he can return back to our place when i move out. Because he temporarily stayed at his fathers place at the moment. But if he dont need Anything or any news. U wont hear anything from him. And i already move out.. he even congratulate me beacuse i find a new place. And it annoys me.. When he left me 2 months ago. He told me its over! I will never comeback, accept it. Move on. Then he delete me in his facebook including our pictures. He totally ignores me. Never answer my phone calls. Its just now that im leaving his place and he needs update and he needs his mails also..
My boyfriend living separate I want him back .he ignore me what can I do to bring back in my house