Would love a second chance.


Long, long story short. My ex stayed over my house one night after a family party. We both had stuff to do that day and she left just like usual, me walking her to her car, kissing, saying I love you and to drive safe. Later that night I receive a phone call saying that this is the hardest thing she has ever had to do but she broke up with me. She never met up with me after that and one week later I sent a message explaining how I felt. She responded with she still loves and cares for me, that she thought this was best for us because she felt different than when we first started dating and that I deserved to be with someone who loves me more than I loved her. Nothing for a week until she wished me a Merry Christmas, I responded with a merry Christmas to you as well. Nothing for another week until I reached out to her on new years eve, since then I have yet to hear from her. Now we share a lot of mutual friends and from I heard she took the breakup very rough as well, no sleep, not eating, very agitated. I am sure she is doing better now, as am I. But I cannot help the feeling that she truly did not want this either. Or else she would not have done everything the way it was done.
From what I gathered from our conversation earlier, your ex had quite a bit of stress to deal with in the months leading up to the breakup. I think that, for right now, it's best to let her process everything and give her some space to clear her head. Trying to cope with everything going on at once could overwhelm her and cause her to pull back even further. I would recommend giving her another 2 or 3 weeks before reaching out with a neutral message, such as asking her how she has been , or how the new year is treating her so far.