I want to get my ex back we just broke up today


I want to get my ex back we just broke up today he said his decision is permanent and he feels we're not compatible what should I do. Is it actually permanent or do I need to give him time and he'll come back when he dropped my stuff off he looked like he wanted to cry
It's tricky to give a flat answer without knowing more information on your situation (what was the reason for the breakup? how long were you two together?) because every couple is different. Typically, giving the other person time is the best first step, then reaching out to establish contact after a period of time. We can discuss in an advice session if you would like where you would work with an expert to form the best plan for you and your situation. Good luck!
He broke it off with me because he said we were not compatible we were together for about almost two months he told me he doesn’t stay friends with his exes as well but told me if I ever needed someone to talk to that I can call or text him and when we were breaking up he looked like he wanted to cry but was trying to hide it
Many times people cry during a break up because it is sad and they feel badly hurting the other person. The best move in most cases is to take your ex at his word that they want to break up and give him time.
Ok and what do I do when he comes back around if it happens. I want to take this time to focus on myself we still have each other on Facebook as well should I use it less or will he know what I’m doing if I do
I'd recommend muting his notifications and removing him from your feed. No need to unfriend him, because that could seem rude, but he will have no idea if you just hide him from your feed, That will make it easier than being forced to be reminded every day.
Ok and if he does text me what should I do and how long should I wait to see if he comes back and if in that time he doesn’t do I text him
As Erica mentioned, avoiding contact is the best move for the time being. But you'll eventually want to reach out to your ex. As for the timing, we can work together in an advice session if you would like, and we can work on a bigger plan there on how to reestablish contact with your ex.
I have same problem
My ex broke up with me today because of a far distance relationship and he said my love for him is fske..and I am madly in love with him but he doesn't understand me
Head carrot I am not an expert but long distance relationships are tricky and it has to have effort from both ends in order to work. How did you guys meet and how long of a distance do you guys stay from each other if you don’t mind my asking