Help getting girlfriend back


My girlfriend said i was being to clingy and suffocating and made her feel claustrophobic I told her i wanted her to be happy and accepted her decision to break up but I also told her i wasn't going to give up on her and she respected that I need help getting her back
Okay, I would strongly suggest at least 30 days of no contact. If she was concerned with you being clingy, the best option would be to show her you can back off. Great job listening to her concerns and agreeing to give her space. Now, you want to refrain from making *any* contact for the next month. No social media, no texting, no calls, no gifts. No asking friends to put in a good word for you. Any contact you make will be seen as more clinginess and will set you back quite a bit. This time is meant for you to focus on improving yourself. For instance, now may be a good time to figure out why you were feeling needy and clingy. What can you work on inside yourself to not need her frequent reassurance? After a month, you can casually reach out to your ex again and gauge her reaction. Keep it light, fun and flirty and do not talk abut the old relationship. That one has ended and you want to build a new one. If she is open to that, don't ask or pressure her to get back together. Try to enjoy the flirtations again.