She will talk with me only through a friend


My ex of 7 months broke up with me for her ex She will talk with me only through a friend he made her block me on everything it’s been over a month now since we have talked. How can I reattract her with no contact I have purchased numerous exback guides but none have anything in them for this type of situation and the paid “coaching” advice is just wait and let it play out I can give more details if needed
Do you understand why the breakup happened? If so, work on yourself and those reasons. If she blocked you, I would stop talking to her friend, and I would give her space. The more you try to do something right now,the worse it will get. An ex who decided to block someone, will not react kindly to someone who is trying to contact them immediately, and constantly. With some time, space, and self-improvement/improvement on the reasons why you broke up, you can then try to recontact her again. Without any tangible evidence that you did make changes, your word would fall on deaf ears, so be armed! The burden of proof is always on the person making a claim, so be prepared, and show her your progress!
Yes I do know the reasons she was continually being harassed be her ex to go back to him it didn’t matter if she blocked him on everything he would call from another phone or through someone else’s Facebook he threatened suicide and started promising everything would change it was constant. But it only started after he found out she had moved on with me
Ah, that situation is a little more complicated than just improving. It's a difficult position for her to be in, so I would ask her what she would like to do regarding this, and respect her wishes. Once the situation with her ex dies down and she has time to heal from it, then it's good to try again. However for now, she may really need social support more than anything.
Ok that’s a bit confusing I would like to get her back She has blocked me on everything due to him And what social support can she get? She only has her one friend that she is allowed to talk to he made delete all accounts that give any access to anyone