Sleeping with our roommate


Well it's been 5 months since The Break-Up during the break up she revealed she was sleeping with our roommate she says that they wasn't doing it before The Break-Up yeah we've had on and off conversations good ones bad ones he quit talking to her because she told me about them i think hes manely mad for getting kick out and I'm still living in the same house as her
Well, since the two of you are still living together, there must be some sort of connection between the two of you. I think that open, honest communication is vital in this situation. I'm getting the impression that the two of you have some rough history that perhaps hasn't been properly addressed (and therefore, hasn't been properly resolved) If you're able to communicate to her how you're feeling, without seeming like you're accusing her, or harboring resentment, she will be much more likely to be open with you, and speak what's on her heart. If you're both discussing what your emotional needs are, you'll each have a better understanding of each other, and what your relationship need in order to grow.