She kept saying she doesn’t want to talk to me


So what happened was that me and her got into a fight Thursday right so it was me kelis cooper and his gf all at lunch so me and kelis were holding hands then a group of girls cane up to me and started to talk to me and hug but me but I didn’t do anything back I didn’t flirt nothing so i see kelis step away from me and I was like oh she’s probably going to talk to coopers girl so when the bell rang I went to kelis and held her hand again then I told her hey babe I need 30 seconds so I can talk Cooper but the conversation didn’t like 30 seconds it lasted 5 seconds so I told cooper like her shaelyn is mad cause you’re letting these girls hug up on you so he told me I didn’t do anything wrong. Now she doesn't want to talk to me.
Hey there, it seems like you need to talk directly to your ex to clear up the misunderstanding, and avoid people who are causing drama. If you need more help on navigating the situation, you're welcome to start a session.
I’ve tried talking to her but she kept saying she doesn’t want to talk to me and that she wants to be my friend and be able to say hi without there being an issue so I really don’t know what to do and also she said she doesn’t do second chances
You definitely need to give it some space. The more you hang on to what is causing "issues" in a potential friendship, the more likely you are to lose her all together. My advice is, step back, get your barrings straight. Then re-approach her as a friend (a better idea for long term). When you do re-aproach her as a friend, make sure you have let go of the 'issues' and expectations revolving around how you 'think' things should be. I know this sounds like a lot, but it is life advice. If you would like me to lead you through it. Please connect with me in a coaching session.