How to re-attract her after 2 months no contact?


Hello. I've been in no contact for about 2 months now. I've bumped into her 2 days ago. I did not ignore her. I did also not engage into chitchat. Just hello, how are things, and left. Can you give me some advice how to re-attract her?
Was the reason you two broke up initially was because she lost attraction? If it was because of a different reason, then my advice for how to re-attract her would be much different.
Lost of attraction and I was needy, jealous.. But when I bumped into her, she was nice, and smiled.. and sort of surprised. Any thoughts?
Not being overly reactive when you bumped into her after 2 months of no contact may have sparked some attraction already. You're in a good position to casually reengage with her and start building more attraction.
Casually meaning, should I text her something like positive memories?
Yes...bringing up a positive memory would be a good idea...such as: "I just happened to drive by (place) and it reminded me of a time when we _________________." ... or "I just went to that restaurant you love and ordered ___________. It reminded me of you."
Thank you. Will do. Wish me luck :)
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