My girlfriend’s vegan. Need some tips and insights


I’m a lover of food and international cuisines. It’s because of my cravings that I decided to try out attending a romance tour in Thailand. From there, I was able to meet and date a woman who is now my girlfriend. When I was in Thailand, we went to some of her favorite restaurants and places. I love the food as much as I love her but there was one thing that surprised me and it was that it turns out she’s a vegan. I have nothing against people’s taste pallets or vegan’s in particular, but I’m wondering how she would react when she tries out some of my favorite dishes. I’m a meat lover since birth and some of my favorite cuisines includes red meat and chicken. I was thinking if her being a vegan would somehow affect our relationship. What do you guys think? I’m looking for some insights and personal opinions here especially from those who are together with vegans as well. Thanks a ton!
Is she a vegan for moral, cultural, or health reasons? The way you accommodate her will depend on the answer to that question. If she's a vegan for moral reasons, you may want to avoid getting her to try non-vegan cuisines, because that would show her that you don't respect her moral stance. If she's vegan for cultural or health reasons, it may be best to ask if you can introduce her to different dishes, and do so in moderation so that she doesn't feel that you're overwhelming her or trying to change her. Bonus points if you learn to cook vegan cuisine! If you're really into international tastes and culinary adventure, you would be amazed at the creative challenge that veganism presents, and how delicious and satisfying vegan dishes can be, even to stalwart carnivores. Ask her to show you around her kitchen and cooking skills, and make it a hobby you can share together.