I broke his trust after a huge fight, plz help!


6 moths ago in our relationship I broke my boyfriends trust badly. We still continued and a couple of weeks ago he broke up with me after a huge fight we got into. My whole world crashed. He can’t get over what I did it hurts him but he loves me so much. I changed my ways and definitely a different person now. He told me he needs a break. He talks to me everyday since the breakup? Tells me he loves me. He won’t get over those pictures he won’t delete them. He tells me everything is gonna be okay but he isn’t ready for a relationship right and he wants to be with only me and no one else. now how do I get him back right now I am depressed and miserable without him I love him so so so much plz Help!
What did you do to violate his trust? What was the fight about? Have you tried showing him various ways in which you had changed, and if so can you provide me with some examples?
I know he mistrust me but after 8months I still don't know what for. He not telling me..He disappeared a month ago. I send him 2 emails and 1 text no reply. He did this before to disappear but never for this long. so I am wondering if this is over. Well in say that we truly love each other. so I am very confuse. Thanks you. Nina
If he disappeared, then it sounds like he's still struggling with whatever happened and can't find a way to communicate with you about how he feels. He said that he needs a break, so I think you can trust that he's taking this time to sort through everything. You can wait another week before trying to contact him again.