How do I get my ex girlfriend back


How do I get my ex girlfriend back after she break up the relationship last August,Have tried to move on but some part of me still loves her, it been almost nine months since the break up, but we recent saw each other at a friends wedding and we spoke and the next day we hangouts , and she said let be friends. Keep the communication going, so now we friends but I don’t whether I should text her everday, or call, what should I asked her , plus whenever I text her she replies, it just that am scared to loose her and I don’t wanna be in the friend zone , plush I have realized why the relationship went wrong as well as my faults , but she keep saying hurtful things , for example I don’t see you in my life , am happy with out you , it hurts to see that someone you give you all and sacrifice to say stuff like that. But I loved her just wished she see the changed in me and give me another chance.
If I may ask, what was her reason for ending the relationship? Is she saying these hurtful things to you now that the two of you are in contact again? It sounds as though the two of you are in a healthier place now that some time has passed, but things are still a little 'rough around the edges' so to speak. For now (and without knowing exactly what caused the breakup), I would suggest keeping that line of communication open with her. Keep the conversation light and casual, humor helps, too. You can reflect on pleasant memories from when you were still together, but don't put any pressure on her right now to get back together. The key is to gradually rebuild the connection you shared, while showing her the new, improved you. = )
Well her reason don’t ending the relationship was a lot of things according to her she say we argue a lot , petty fights , I lied and this is no trust , all sort of stuff. Yes she said those hurtful stuff me recently person. Plus I think I took this all relationship for granted but I have realized it , and am the only one who always initiate the conversation, she has never texted me or call me first.