How do I get my ex to want me back?


Its been about 2 months since my ex boyfriend and I broke up. We talked a little bit during the first month of the breakup but then I realized I needed to stop being in contact with him to move on. However, I still can't move on and I want him back. I really think it ended way too soon for no good reason. I haven't spoken to him in a month and he never reached out to contact me during that time. I don't know if he's scared or feeling guilty and still wants to give me time, if he himself needs time, or if he has moved on and doesn't miss me. Should I wait for him to initiate contact or should I just contact him first? And what would I say if I were the one to contact him first?
You should try figuring out why things may have ended before re-engaging. You wouldn't want to have the old problems resurface if they're avoidable. Since you decided to not contact him without the intention of getting back, you may have not taken the time to reflect on what may have gone wrong.
I do know the reason why things ended and it wasn't falling out of love, it was because he got scared. After he had a bad car accident we weren't able to see each other as much but we still had a strong communication and everything was going very well. However, after a month, a week before university started, he got scared and was stressing about how he wouldn't get to see me at all or barely. He then asked me to meet up with him and then told me that I deserve someone who will always be there for me, who can take me out and take care of me. He said he did it because he loves me so much. HOWEVER, he ended taking the semester off of school so I'm left here wondering why he hasn't asked for me back yet if he isn't going to school, he did message me when he decided to take the semester off and told me that he doesn't want to hurt me again and make another mistake. He told me that he feels stupid and it was all a mistake and it shouldn't have ended. Its been about two month since he has broke up with me and I think the reason why he broke up with me was because he got cold feet even though he told me loved me very much. I haven't spoken to him in a month and he hasn't reached out to me either even if he said he wants to stay friends and be able to talk. Now I want to get him back now that time has passed but I don't know where to start.
It could be that taking time off school and going out with you don't correlate. He could be going through other things in life to want to take school off. The traumatic car accident could have led him to want to take some time off to heal and figure himself out. You'll want to reach out to him with a good reengaging text message. We can help with giving you ideas of what to say and even help you write out the text message in an advice session.