Why does she still say she misses me?


My girlfriend broke up with me because i lied about some stuff and i didn’t tell her But she still texts me tell me she love me and miss me after i tell her first we talk otp sometimes i started going to her house last week but she told me to go ahead and do whatever i got to do with another girl and to get it out my system now She said she meant it and i asked her is there anything she has to do to get out her system she said no but today she said she need to be away from me but she texts me still and she doesn’t really talk to me like she use to she said that’s because we not together but she said we most likely will get back together but not rn
It sounds like your ex is sending you a fair amount of mixed signals. Your ex girlfriend originally broke up with you because of the lies (a breech of trust) and not because she fell out of love with your or stopped being physically attracted to you. It sounds to me, from the behavior you described, that she still has romantic feelings for you and an emotional connection. I think that the best thing to currently do will be to embark on a couple week period of no contact. It seems she is going back and forth about if she wants to be with you or not, and this is the time to respect her space, pull back a bit, and make her miss you and reevaluate her feelings about the relationship. After the no contact period you can you send a reengagment text to her and then slowly build the foundation up from that point and reestablish the connection and show her that she can trust you again. It sounds like she needs time to herself to think about her options, but overall, i believe she still has romantic feelings for you and is just trying to get over the hurt and loss of trust.