How do I [27/M] follow up with a good old friend [25/F] that I drifted apart from, but had a really pleasant time running into her last night?


So I've had this friend that I was friends with since early 2014. We used to hang out fairly frequently. We'd hang out at each other's houses, go to events together, etc. We never did anything sexual. Mainly because, as the guy, I never made the move (not saying men HAVE to make the move, it's just that usually women expect them to). I was that classic neckbeard guy who never made any movies due to fear of rejection. I really enjoyed her friendship and didn't want to take any risks and potentially lose it. So back in early 2016, we just drifted apart. I'd send her a text and she'd not respond half the time. Even in late 2015, I did most of the initiating. It got tiring and I stopped putting in any effort seeing I was the one putting in all the effort towards the end. So that was the end of that friendship. Every day I still missed her though. But I didn't want to put effort into a relationship with someone who didn't want to make any effort back. I missed her every day almost, and regretted not asking her out or making a move. Because either way, I lost a friend. She might have even stopped putting in effort because she saw that I wasn't asking her out or anything. It's just that I thought she was out of my leuge. I'm a 4.5/10 in looks, and she's at least a 7/10. Anyway, last night I ran into her at a festival I was vending at/attending. She gave me the biggest hug. Said that she misses me, and we talked for a while. I had to leave early. ANd she even said she didn't want me to leave. My crew was already out the door, and I kinda ignored her requests. I feel bad and really regret it. She told me that her old number was the one from before, and I called her to made sure she had mine. I'm just afraid of reaching out due to fear of rejection due to her being upset that I was leaving early, and ignoring her request for me to stay later. Is there anything I can do or say? Or did I fuck it up? What is concerning is while there, a dude came up and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then left. I'm worried that might have been a sign that he probably swooped in, and it's too late for me. And that they're going to get married, have kids. And if I didn't leave early, it could be us. I'm very conflicted on whether or not I should text her. **TL;DR:** Ran into an old friend that I had (still have) feelings for. The meetup was very pleasant and I had to leave early. She told me not to, and I ignored her and left anyway. I REALLY had to go. What to do?
I want you to realize, this could easily have been written: > Hey, I met an old friend at a concert who gave me her number, should I ask her on a date? I really want to hammer this home, because all of this other stuff is really just in your head, and it is directly getting in the way of you doing anything with this girl. Text her, and after a quick back and forth (2-5 messages), invite her to something. Drinks, coffee, whatever. Send something like *"Hey Jessica, it was great running into you at Blackout-festival. Want to catch up over coffee / drinks?"* then see where it goes. It isn't your job to worry about any of that other stuff. You make the invitation, then you see that she'll either accept it or reject you. It's simple, don't overcomplicate and overthink so much.