I broke her trust and I want her back


I broke her trust and I want her to know I wouldn’t ever mean to , and I want her back
If you broke someone's trust, it is important to be not make excuses, and to hold yourself accountable and apologize for hurting her. Your message to her should reflect that. It's a little hard to be more specific than that because I'm not sure about the specifics of your relationship, but bottom line, if you hurt someone and you were in the wrong, you admit you're wrong, take responsibility, and apologize.
I admitted it all to her but I want help in ways I can get back to talking to her And get together again
The next step would be to listen to whatever your ex girlfriend told you she needs, and then give her that. We haven't heard yet how you broke her trust or what your ex girlfriends reaction to it was, so without any additional details that's the best advice we can give. If your ex asks for space, then its best to respect that for at least a month. If she is asking for a better apology, you should give her that without any excuses or explanations.
I broke her trust by saying I wasn going to drink but I did and she found out and was mad upset and jealous , I also isn’t want to exclude her but I want time with my friends sometimes so I can do whatever with them . But yeah I broke her trust and she hasn’t said a word since that night and I want to communicate with her
It really does seem like at this point, providing her space is the best thing to do. I think it would be ideal to give her around four weeks to process her feelings, and hopefully get rid of any of the negative feelings that she may have towards you. After the period of no contact, she may be more open to communicating with you again.