How to deal with separation anxiety?


I just got home from a romance tour and there I met this amazingly gorgeous woman. I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her. It has only been a few days since I left her country and I’m already experiencing major separation anxiety. I’ve spent most of my time recently researching and reading forums online on how to deal with this but I can’t seem to feel better. I’m thinking I have the best chance in finding someone who has gone through the same experience as me here. Please, those who have gone through this feeling, I need your words of wisdom! Help a fellow out because I’m honestly losing my mind missing my special lady.
For starters, the way you're feeling right now is entirely normal. The two of you shared a very special experience, so having that time that you spent together come to an end will naturally elicit these strong emotions. With that said, knowing a little bit more about your situation will help me guide you in how best to proceed in dealing with missing her, and help me offer you the best advice. How long was the romance the two of you shared? Are you able to/interested in planning other visits in the future? And should you choose to pursue the relationship, are you willing to navigate the realm of a long distance relationship? Because long distance relationships CAN work, they just take a bit of extra effort and a slightly different mindset.