Everything seemed perfect and now we don't even seem like we are friends...


My girlfriend and i had a serious relationship for 10 months and everything went perfect. Our personalities clicked before we even started dating and when we did date it just felt normal being together all the time. Im 18 and a freshman in college and she’s 18 as a senior in high school. I️ was a football player she was a cheerleader and during our relationship we spent every time we could have together and towards the end she she told me she didn’t love me anymore and that I️ made her feel upset everytime she went out while i was in school. I knew none of that was true and don’t know why she’s acting like this and the past couple weeks I’ve came home I always caught her staring at me and one time she made an effort to turn around and look at me after we were walking out of a football game to give me a smile and said nothing. Keep in mind she was a girl that needed constant reassurance because she always thought I️ would cheat on her and lose her trust. She admitted I️ was the first guy she’s ever told she loved and she was my first real relationship and now it’s like we’re not even friends and I️ want to get her back but we haven’t talked in a month and idk what I️ should do because my college is about an hour and a half away from home.
People often say that everything was perfect when a relationship ends, because we miss the good parts so much and lose focus of anything bad that may have happened. The fact that your relationship came to and end was a good indication that everything was not actually perfect. Also, if she needed constant reassurance, that would have also likely been a good indicator that she wasn't feeling 100% confident in the bond that the two of you had. This is why it is so important to have great communication in relationships - so that things can get sorted out and talked through before it gets to the point of breaking up. Also one person may think things are great, but it doesn't guarantee that the other person also feels the same way. Maybe you should try reaching out to her and ask her to have a heart to heart, open and honest discussion as to where you are both at with everything - that way you don't have to 'wonder' what she is thinking and vice versa. One of our experts could give you some pointers as to how you could best handle that type of conversation in an advice session.