I go college with my ex, how do I get her back?


Me and my ex go to the same college. We were together for 9 months, First 8 months was smooth, but the last month we did nothing but argue. In November 2017, I stupidly broke up with her in during a heated argument. A week later, i regretted my decision then asked her to take me back, and she shut me down, saying that i played with her feelings, messed her up and hurt her.. so she couldnt take me back. most excruciating heart pain ever. Ever since that day, ive been friend zoned. We didn't really have a 'No Contact' Period that lasted more than 7 days. We've been friends for months. we text pretty much daily, have a few conversations daily. She even expresses how she still cares about me, and how im the most attractive person in the whole college in her eyes. But then... 3 weeks ago, she found a new guy and has been talking to him ever since. Hes even over taken me as her Snapchat #1 Best Friend. She's expressed how much she doesn't want to get in a relationship.... But she could very well still have 'FUN' with this new guy and just the thought of that happening is killing my head. What do I do? I don't care how long it takes... I want her back. I generally fucked up, I had a loyal, sexy, honest, nice girl and I feel like theres this giant chain wall thats stopping me from getting intimate with her again. I don't care how long it takes. Whats the best way to approach getting her back?
So sometimes having continual contact with someone after they break up with you makes it easier for them to move on because they know you're so readily available. The best thing to do is to give her space, stop giving her the benefits of a relationship when she's not dating you. Dial back on the texts, snaps and messages. Let her come to you. We recommend about 30 days of no contact before reengaging.
It’s impossible for me to completely give her no contact. We are in the same Maths and psychology class.
You don't have to talk to her. You can greet her, but avoid any attempt at interacting beyond social pleasantries right now.
how Should I respond if she calls me? Decline her calls? And should I also Air her texts?
Do not pick up, reply to texts as needed. Keep it courteous. Answer questions, keep it short, ad do not do favors for her. If you need anymore help on the matter, you're more than welcome to start a coaching session so that we can talk about it more in depth,or help you come up with a more customized plan for your situation.