How do I get her back?


How do I get her back? We had problems, I stepped out, tried to fix things for 7 months. After busting my butt n her not putting in any effort she left me. Now she's with someone new but I'm not ready to let go... How do I win her back?
Are the prominent issues that hurt your relationship still existent? If it's a two way street, and she's not willing or interested, it doesn't seem like a good sign to try to pursue her until majority of the issues are resolved.
I have done everything she asked of me, including getting her name tattooed on my ring finger, and she's just always angry and hateful toward me. She says she doesn't love, trust, or respect me and never will again. I don't know how to resolve the issues if she won't even give me the time of day... she told me tonight that she's seeing someone else... I told her I still love her and I'm going to win her back, even if I die trying...
Whilst it is good you've taken great efforts to meet her requests all of those things are surface gestures that will only go so deep. If she has trust issues with you and there are still unresolved emotions/pain/hurt that need to be addressed that will have to be met with proper guidance in communication and taking the right steps to help you reconnect to her. She may be asking for these things as she isn't able to truly express her emotional needs properly to you. We help you to create a compassionate connection to her so you can start some better communication that will address the emotions that you both need to heal through. Until these emotions are met progress will be impeded.