I want him and he's with someone else


Me and this guy have known eachother since seventh grade. We've been friends for four years and talking for three. He wants to meet because we haven't seen eachother in four years. But he is in a bad relationship. He mentions that he thinks it is going no where, but doesn't want to break up with her. She ignores him, cancels plans, ect. I want to treat him better. But I can't help but to just feel like the second option. He is always saying the girl never tries anymore to make it anything. I don't know what I need to say to him or where I stand...
If he is unwilling to break things off with his current girlfriend, there isn't much you can do about that. It sounds like you two are talking and are friendly, so that is a good first step. However, don't wait around for him to make the move, you don't know how long he will be together with her, it could be another week or another year. If he hears about you becoming interested in other guys and possibly even going out on dates with other guys, perhaps that will spark him to break up with the girl who is treating him badly and head in your direction.