My girlfriend broke up with me


My girlfriend broke up with me a week ago. I took some time to figure things out and met for coffee yesterday. We talked and laughed but there wasn’t that spark there. I’m confident that I could get that feeling back and make her feel that attraction if I could just get another chance. How can I go about this???
What was the reason for the breakup?
She lost attraction and started to become apathetic toward the relationship.
I see. So you need to figure out why she lost attraction. Was it a change in looks? The way you treated her? The way your attitude had been in the last few weeks/months? Something you did to make her lose respect in you? Once you figure that out, you can begin to resolve the issue, and work on ways to becoming more appealing/attractive to her. If there was a spark once, there is a good chance it can be reignited again! There are many ways of going about that, and it would be very person/couple-specific. So if you would like to talk about your situation so we can have a closer look to why the spark went missing and how to come up with a plan to possibly go about reigniting that flame, please reach out to a coach. :)