Ex wants to return ring


Me and my ex broke up a week ago and he said he was going to return my ring (promise ring) and after a few days he gose on vacation with his family that I knew about, he said he was going to give me the ring before he went on vacation but didn’t come, he took the ring with him it’s on his necklace, what dose that mean? He could have left it at home and gave it back, not that I want it back because I want him back in my life, just wanted to know what your guys thoughts are on the fact he didn’t leave the ring at home but kept it on his necklace and took it with him??
It could mean a lot of things. It could mean that he could not bring himself to take it off. It could be that he forgot about it. Have you spoken to him about it at all? How do you know that he still has it on the necklace? Did you see him wearing it? I would say that since it can be construed as a positive sign, so since you want him in your life - use this as a way to gently reopen the door.
I saw It on his cousins Snapchat story, and no I haven’t asked him about it,