Boyfriend broke up with me 4 hours ago, help!


so my boyfriend broke up with me about 4 hours ago and this is just me explaining some of it because there is a lot but he told me he loved me he took my virginity and would always make future plans like he asked me what he wanted to sake OUR children he asked me to homecoming that a year away I feel like he's not having a good day or he's high or drunk I don't understand pls help I really love him and need to fix this
I'm so sorry for the difficulties you are having. This does sound quite overwhelming. There are definitely steps you can take that will greatly increase the chances of you getting back together with him. I'd like a little more information, if you don't mind. It will help tailor the suggestions to you. When you say he asked you to homecoming and thats a year away, did he ask you prior to the break up, or after? Also, why do you think he is intoxicated in some way?
I think he's rather intoxicated or something is going on with him in some way because he seems like a total different person ever since the day before and the day of the breakup
If you are concerned about his well being, that he may be intoxicated or "wrong" in some way, I would advise you to talk to a medical professional to be sure. If not, the best advice would be to give yourself some space. Take a deep breath and give yourself a few days to process this. Once you've had a chance to calm down and think about where things might have gone wrong, you can calmly reach out to him, in a positive, upbeat manner.