My ex keeps reaching out


SO me and my ex girlfriend we’re together for about 10 months.... she broke up with me about 2 days ago over text. She told me she doesn’t feel the same anymore. I could realize that something was up for almost 3 weeks. She texted me saying she just doesn’t feel the same anymore and I just went with it and told her I respect her descion and that I understand. She said sorry 2 times and I told her not to be because things happen. The day after she texted me at around 10pm to tell me about something she got at the mall. I texted her saying “oh nice, let me see” she sent me a picture smiling and also a video. After I told her I like what she bought I stopped answering after. I ignored her text and she texted me 3 hours later to tell me how she couldn’t really sleep because of her piercing. I answered the next morning and told her “that must be annoying but hope u atleast got some sleep” then she replied saying she did and after I didn’t respond to that she texted me a long paragraph saying “idk if you mind me texting you but everything happened so quick. I know I said I don’t feel the same anymore but I still have that love and care for you. We had a lot of good memories and love that is hard to forget. Did you lose feelings for me as well because I didn’t need expect you to have that reaction after I broke up” I told her I still feel the same but didn’t feel it was right to break up through text after all we been through. We stopped talking after that and later during the day she said she called me by mistake. And then I told her I don’t mind her texting or calling me and she said “I don’t either” with a smiley face. What’s goin on?
Even though she broke up with you, it sounds like she's having a hard time adjusting to life without you as well. I think she's also keeping you around because it's safe/familiar. You should make boundaries on what you think is and isn't okay to talk about/how often you should talk, and etc if you think it'll help your situation and help you sort your feelings.