My boyfriend Saw A Text Message On My Phone, And Got Suspicious


I need help on getting my ex back please help
Sounds good. Can you tell us more about your situation? The more you tell us the better we can assess the situation and help.
He said I cheated on him because I was texting another male
What would make him think that there was something going on between you and the other male? Did he see some texts that could have been misconstrued?
Texting and social media can definitely cause trouble in modern relationships! When you're with your partner, try to limit your phone use, as to give them your full attention, but also to prevent a misunderstanding from occurring. If they accidentally see a stray message and get suspicious, explain that it is harmless and reinforce how important they are to you, and how you wouldn't do anything to break their trust.
Ok. We still talk is that a good thing do that mean it's a possibility we gon get back together
Well there's a difference between a fight and a breakup. If the argument was over texting, hopefully it's something you can both work through. Talking is a good sign of that. If you are actually broken up, sometimes taking some time to reflect is best before talking again, with the ultimate goal of getting back together.
If we discuss on what we need to do better and doing the things we was doing when we was together but u said we friend's. Do this mean we will get back together. I messed up and I want my man back could somebody please help me PLEASE
One of our experts could help you put a plan together to maximize your chances of getting back together with him in an advice session.