He says he likes me just as a friend


I like a boy at my school and i was so honest with him that i told him everything with complete honesty and he really likes it. He says that it was really good that i talked to him first with courage and that I'm still trying to get him really hard. He says that he might like me because everything is possible. We became friends but i noticed that he got really shy at the end from me like i usually compliment him all the time and he turns red but he treats me differently from all the other girls like he never gave a chance like this to other girls. He asks about me and cares but never said something flirtatious or that he likes me now but he said he likes me a lot as a friend but it was long ago abd everytime i feel something is not working out he tries to clear things for me and get me back to normal. Should i keep on trying? And do you think that he's at least attracted to me?
There seems to be a little something there, but he's withdrawing for some reason. If he's not being direct with you about how he feels, I would recommend giving him some time to sort out how he's feeling without pressuring him to make any sort of definitive decision. Let him know that you're still interested in him, but that you think it might be best if the both of you take some time away from each other to think about whether or not you'd like to be more than friends. Let him know that, regardless of what he decides, you still appreciate his friendship and value him as a person. He may be confused about what he wants, and it's possible that maybe he has other things going on in his life and just doesn't have the mental energy to contemplate entering a relationship right now.
So you think that he's at least attracted or that he actually likes me? And it's not specifically that he's not being honest with me but he said that he might like me long ago and everything can work if i keep on trying but i didn't ask him again about it and he didn't say anything that he likes me but i feel he treats me differently
Yes it definitely sounds like there is something there. I would tread lightly if that makes sense. Try it out but dont be pushy or needy. If he doesn't respond the way you like, dont blow him up with text messages or angry texts or anything, know what I mean? Tread lightly and try it out and see how it goes but dont be pushy about it
Thank you very much