What are some signs my ex might want me back


We kind of keep in contact and are still Facebook friends and follow each other on Snapchat
Here are a few signs you could look for, but don't get too excited after seeing just one. You'll want to see several and see them consistently over time or else they won't mean much. Some signs include your ex: - Liking new pictures you post on social media. Bonus points if they're old pictures - Watches your Instagram or Snapchat stories - Posts anything about something the two of you bonded over - Initiates most of your conversations - Teases you - Brings up past positive memories - Says anything sex-related towards you - Laughs at jokes you make that you think aren't really funny - Bumps into you in person (may have not been an accident) - Is still in touch with your friends (platonically) - Making any physical contact (a small friendly punch to the shoulder counts) - Asking about your life just out of curiosity