I love him so much and want him to come back to me


My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago and I begged him to stay but it didn’t work. I have started the no contact rule and he messaged me asking about his brother covering my shift at work but immediately said never mind after and said goodnight, I didn’t reply. I see him everyday because of school and yesterday he looked at me and smiled and I couldn’t help but amile back. when he broke up with me, he didn’t really give me a specific reason all he said was it’s not working out and now I know I ahould have been more supportive and less jealous and just trust his love. I know he loves me and I love him so very much these past days have been like hell and all I want is for him to come back so we can try again but better this time. I am constantly worried that he’s out with someone or wondering what he’s doing. I want to keep doing the no contact rule but I also really want to talk to him again and maybe convince him this time but I’m not sure. I love him so much and I just want him back. Please help me.
I think that you've got some crucial ideas in mind. You stated that you should be more supportive and less jealous - which would be ideal, since it could be part of the reason for the breakup (it's hard to know why exactly without more information). I think that during this period of no-contact you should focus on your self-improvement to be able to show him with your actions when the time comes, how much you've changed and the energy you're willing to invest in both yourself and your relationship together. Don't dwell on the negative, it will only fester inside you and then get to a boiling point where you explode on the surface.
Will he lose any more feekings for me during no contact? He is very stubborn and his pride gets to him. Will there be any chance of him coming back to me?
It's possible that he might lose feelings but the no contact gives a chance for him to miss you as well. Once you aren't reaching he might start to wonder why you haven't been reaching out and start thinking about you. The no contact allows for multiple things. Mainly to get rid of any negative feelings/emotions that he might have regarding you/relationship. It also gives time for you to focus on improving yourself to be the best version you can be when trying to reconnect
My ex contacted me and got mad because I didn’t respond he thought I was ignoring him on purpose but I was in no contact and I was working. He blocked me everywhere so I called his moms number so I could explain to him and he only unblocked me on snapchat everything else is the same. I couldn’t help it so I logged into his snapchat and saw that he started talking to someome but she ignores him. I noticed he still has all of our pictures and I asked his brother if my ex still has the photo albulm of us that I made and he said yes, my ex still has our albulm. Do I still have a chance to get him back? Does he still love me? Should I restart my no contact time?
Logging into someone's social media is not appropriate. If he ever found out, it would severely undermine the trust in the relationship. It is a breech of privacy. I understand the desire to want to know what is going on in their lives, but the risks involved with logging on to someone's social media are higher than what you gain. At this moment, the fact that you both are talking and hanging out is good, and it seems like he still cares based on some of the other things you mentioned. If you're looking for a plan to get back with him that is specific and customized to your situation, I highly recommend having an advice session with one of our Experts so they can help you with the nitty grity details, and what the appropriate next move is.
I started my no contact rule again and am on my second week but my ex just texted me saying he wanted to hang out. I couldn’t help it but I replied and said I was busy and kept the convversation short. Did I lose my chances of getting him back because I broke my no contact rule? I know I shouldn’t of had replied and left him going crazy about the fact that I didn’t reply but did this hurt my chances of getting him back?
Not necessarily. It's okay to be cordial and straight to the point. A "I am busy" text is okay.
I want him bacl
My broke up with me Bc I have trust issues and want to fix that so I can get him back we dated for 1 year &5 month and I want to prove to him that I can change and he also said that we should be friends and get to know each other more and then we’ll tale from there
I want him to see that I can change
I think it is good that your ex is leaving the door open to the possibility of getting back together. It sounds like you are committed to working on your trust issues, and it will be key (while you and your ex are friends) to show him, in little ways, that you have changed and are more secure and trusting. I think, while you are in contact with your ex right now, keep trying to create a postiive foundation of interactions by having fun together, and showing him your more laid back and independent side
I started talking to someone to show my ex I am okay without him and we ended up hooking up. I feel so bad about it and feel so disgusted with myself. I just want my ex back but he hasn’t changed and now I feel like I cheated on him even though we aren’t together. I am still in the no contact rule but can you give me advice to not feel so bad and how to get him back? I will not talk to anyone else because I am still in love with my ex and I just want him back.
Well, first of all, I want to let you know that you didn't cheat on your ex. You did nothing wrong. But it's okay to still feel guilty about it. if you aren't over your ex, it makes sense why you might feel bad hooking up with somebody else. I think the best thing you can do to feel better is to look at this as a learning experience. You tried a new way to attract your ex back, and you found out that you don't like the way it feels. Now you know for next time not to use that technique. You haven't messed up, and you are not unfaithful. But you have learned something about yourself and what you need to feel good in a sexual relationship. Everybody needs to make a couple of small mistakes to learn what makes them happy in life.