Help I really need this to work


Everyone says he has no feelings for me. And I’m rlly sure he doesn’t. He said it’s slim to no chance of getting back together but I love him and without him I’m so depressed we use to fight slot but I started them because of my mental illness and I got the help I need. How do I get him to want me back and give me another chance. And soon Christmas is coming up
He told his friend Ben that there is a slim to no chance. And everything thinks he has no feelings because when I talk to him he doesn’t seem happy and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it when we talk about our relationship
First off, it's good that you're getting the help you need to be healthy, since relationships tend not to work out so well if you're in a rough place. In order for him to want to give the relationship another chance, take some time of No Contact where you aren't messaging/calling him (maybe you've done this already), and when you reengaged with him again later on, hopefully he will give you a chance to show him the changes you've made in yourself. It sounds like he is not completely open right now to starting things up again, so I would tread lightly and don't pressure him to act in a certain way or say a certain thing when you begin contact with him again. See if he will want to spend time with again if he knows the pressure's off surrounding getting back together again.