How do I get my ex back :(


I want to be able to fix things with my ex and get back to where we were. This is what made it all go down hill. One day I was at collage and I made friends with this girl, the next day she invited me over and I took that opportunity because I don't have any friends and it was nice to finally make one but I forgot to tell my girlfriend at the time what I was doing and then everything has gone down hill from there. Even though when I was at my friends house I told her straight away I didn't beat around the bush. It's a long distance relationship, she says we are beyond the point of fixing things but I feel like because we care and love each other so much everything is fixable. She says she doesn't feel the same for me anymore but will always love and care for me. I really want to get back with her and be happy like we were before. What do I do? :(
How long has it been since you broke up?
About one month.
It sounds like she believes she caught you doing something wrong and the trust was damaged between you two. With one month of not being together, you might have more clarity on the issue now and could reach out to her to get the communication going from there. Try keeping this new contact light and casual for a bit, to build up that trust and talk to each other the way you used to. You can try explaining your side of things again later, if the situation allows it. All with the ultimate goal of getting back together.