How to help depressed sibling?


My brother has been experiencing signs of depression and anxiety attacks since his last breakup over a couple of years ago. His ex-girlfriend cheated on him with another man and since then, he’s rejected anything related to dating. But even after all this time, he’s still in this sorry state. I’m starting to think that his depression is stemming from the fact that he’s lonely both sexually and emotionally. Most of us already have long term relationships and other members of the family are already married. He’s practically the only one single within our family circle. We all want him to start dating again and find a woman who can be there for him whenever he feels down. Someone who can truly love him but the problem is that he’s given up on trying to meet new people. Me and my elder brother have signed him up on multiple dating sites and now, we’re planning to sign him up for an international dating tour so he can both take a breather and travel around while meeting women. Do you think this is a good idea? We need some insights before deciding anything. Thanks so much.
I think it's important to respect his wishes. If he's not ready to date yet, then don't force him to. It can make things worse. Instead, it may be important for him to have your social support, and encourage him to go out, do things with people, join clubs and etc. It's also worth looking into asking him if he would like to seek therapy because if his depression is severely impacting his life, then perhaps he needs just a little extra help and push. Being cheated on gives one an enormous sense of loss, not just a loss of the relationship but sometimes a loss of self, or sense of "rightness" in the world, and etc. Once he feels more confident about himself, and has more control on his own situation, I think then you can bring up the idea of dating. (: You guys are wonderful siblings for thinking about him so much though.
At the moment , I am trying to seek therapist. As far as I'm concerned as a sibling, I want to make sure he's mentally okay. Also, I'm planning to look for a nice place for us to talk to. Maybe going for a tour or somewhere. He told me he wanted to try to explore... Why not? Maybe he can find someone more deserving.